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An Ad-free mobile app to keep track of your assets and liabilities.

Available for Android and IOS

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I developed many android apps in the past and was always a bit bummed by the fact that building the same app for iOS devices required a different programming language, development environment and in the normal setting also a Mac. I just accepted that I will only develop for Android. However, when I personally switched to an iPhone, I was looking for solutions and first found React Native.

This project was my first steps with it. I also had some tries with Figma for Design in that process. A year later I switched to Flutter, and I am still very happy with it. Fortune is one of the apps I ported, because I was personally using it quite a lot and wanted to keep it up-to-date.

The app itself is a free financial tracker, where you can enter any assets you have and get an overview of your fortunes. It is fully offline, so the data stays on your device, free, without ads, and open source.


Nothing special I can talk about here. I originally used Typescript to code it, but switched back to Vanilla JS. I was quite frustrated with React Native as it was very unpredictable and behaved very different between OSs or even devices. Sometimes buttons wouldnt work on only some devices, or crashes happen that I couldn’t repreduce. I switched to Flutter and all those problems were gone. ‘It works on my device’ now finally meant ‘it works’.

FontAwesome is my source for any icons. I test on simulators, AVDs and two of my hardware devices. The AppLogo is a hand-written bar chart as SVG that should resemble an F.

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